A fun, cheap, and easy way to decorate your house for Christmas!!!

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A few years ago, my daughter got off the bus carrying one of these amazing snowflake creations.  “What the what is that!?!?!?!”,  I yelled, I mean I asked her.  Her third grade class had made these beautiful stars for a Christmas project.  I marched her in the house and made her show me step by step how to make them.  I promised myself this year for Christmas my house will be nothing but big paper stars EVERYWHERE.  So far I have two complete…..hmmmmm.  I’m well on my way and thought I would share how to make these easy beautiful Christmas Stars!


Grab scissors, stapler, tape and 6 pieces of paper.

paper snowflakeWhile you are at it, grab some lovely assistants!  Can you tell which one is mine!?  My minnie me, except I stopped wearing the side ponytail a few years ago!  Apparently it’s back!!!  See a style and fashion blog too!  I gotcha covered.

paper snowflakeFold all 6 pieces of paper like this.

paper snowflake

paper snowflakeCut off the excess.

paper snowflake

paper snowflake

Now cut three slits on each side.  The first slit is the longest, the second is shorter, and the third slit is the shortest.  Do this will all 6 pieces of paper.

paper snowflakeFlatten your paper out.  Pull the two points up and tape together.

paper snowflakeLike this.

paper snowflake

Flip the paper over and do the same thing.  Continue until all the points are taped together.

paper snowflake

paper snowflake

I do not know what this means.  But if you see me in the grocery store rockin a side ponytail striking the peace sign on the side of my face, you will say, that Angela is so hip and with it.

snowflakeStaple all 6 of the top points together.

paper snowflake

Almost done!  Finally staple the sides together!

paper snowflakeTa da!!!

paper snowflake

paper snowflake

button bird designs

Happy crafting!!  xoxox Angela

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9 fun and easy gift tutorials!!!!

 I love to give and receive handmade gifts for Christmas.  Get a jump-start on your Christmas list with these 9 easy handmade gift giving tutorials!

Yoyo headband tutorial

Yo-Yo Head Band Tutorial

owl pillow tutorial

Owl Pillow Tutorial

Fabric Necklace Tutorial

Fabric Necklace Tutorial

Bird Art

Button Bird Art Tutorial

clutch tutorial

Clutch Tutorial

eye pillow tutorial

Lavender Eye Pillows

beading tutorial

Beading Tutorial

Owl Clock tutorial

Owl Clock Tutorial

headband tutorial

 Headband Tutorial

If you’re running out of time and don’t feel like busting out your sewing machine, Mod Podge, or saw, I gotcha covered!  Check out my Etsy shop for these gift ideas!

button bird designsOwl Pillows

button bird designsGeorge Pillows


button bird designs

Lavender Eye Pillows and Lavender Neck Wraps

vintage clutchvintage clutches

Give handmade!!!!  xoxoxo Angela

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a little bit of grace and a little bit of lavender

I stumble and I fall, I mess up, mistakes and failures over and over again.  But the staying down is shorter, the getting up is easier.  I’m not so hard on myself when I royally screw up like I use to be.  Instead of beating myself to a pulp, I actually told myself it’s ok the other day when I did something that I knew in my heart wasn’t right.  I am becoming stronger.  I am finally starting to love myself.  I am beginning to accept all my imperfections and flaws.  These hard parts are my story and they make be beautiful and fierce and a force to be reckoned with.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Actually the next hour is a new hour.  We can start again.  We can forgive each other and forgive ourselves.   We can get back up and love ourselves and start again.

At age 40, I think I’m finally starting to understand what Grace is.

Andddd because I might of figured out what Grace is and just listed new lavender neck wraps and lavender eye pillows in my shop, I’m having a sale!!!  Use code LOVEYOURSELF for 20% off of everything in my etsy shop including these new lavender neck wraps and lavender eye pillows!  Sale ends Monday, December 8th!

Button Bird Designs

Button Bird Designs

Button Bird Designs

Button Bird Designs

Button Bird Designs

Button Bird Designs

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.  -Robert Fulghum

Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, quiet, unhurried weekend.

xoxoxo Angela

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