pouf envy and what I did about it

 Working for the redesign company is beyond awesome.  I love every single last thing about it.  However, I do have one little itty bitty complaint.  I want to take everything home!!!!!  All the beautiful new furniture, and pillows, and throws, and accessories, and POUFSSSS!  I think I have the hardest time with the poufs.  I want them all.  I’d like to think that I’ve never really been a materialistic person….that is until the pouf came along.  Just look at how Christina teases me… angela statzer

Angela statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer

See what I mean!!?!  Totally teasing me with all that pouf fabulousness!

Angela Statzer Sooooo I’ve been dreaming about a pouf.  I went to West Elm for work the other day, Ahhhh anytime you say you went to West Elm for work, it’s a good day.  Anywho they had all their rug samples for sale!  I think they were $4.00 each and then I had my 20% off card, so around $3.00 each I think (math is not my thing, neither is cooking or vacuuming).  I was going crazy with all the possibilities for these rug samples.  My first thought was to buy a bunch and make one giant rug.  Then I started talking to my friend Angela who works there (she’s so super cool and I especially love her name) and we came up with all sorts of ideas for these samples..wall art, car floor mats, under shoes when you walk in, under dog bowls, or a few sewn together for a doormat.  Then it dawned on me, POUF!!!

Angela Statzer So I bought some samples.  And hand sewed them together.  Ouch.

Angela Statzer I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on foam or filler or whatever you stuff a pouf with.  Christina wasn’t on to me when I kept volunteering to haul the trash after our redesigns.  I was slowly but surely stuffing my pouf with all the paper and packing goods left over from work.  You can now call me Angela the environmentalist, oh and Angela the zipliner (I did that the other day)!!!

Angela Statzer

Angela Statzer My $18.00 pouf.

Yes it did take me 25 years to hand sew that together and then I couldn’t use my hands for a week because of all the blisters, BUTTTT I love it so much and it makes me so happy and the most important thing is I don’t have pouf envy anymore.

The end.

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online yard sale today!!!

I’m not on Facebook.  I haven’t been on Facebook for over a year now.  Sometimes when I tell people this they look at me like I have three heads.  There are several reasons why I deleted my account last April.  One reason was wasted time.  I have to say I don’t really miss it at all!  One thing I am sad about is missing out on the Huntersville’s yard sale page.  All my friends are talking about all the great deals they are getting, and I can’t even offer you a link.  Oh well, by not being on Facebook I have lots more time and lots more money in my pocket!!!  Sounds like a good trade off to me.

I don’t know what the above has to do with my own little mini online yard sale!  But today I am getting rid of a few things!  My daughter and I are taking off Saturday for a little staycation.  Saturday we are bowing out of a neighborhood cul-de-sac party, a get together at my boss’s house, and a celebratory party for my friend who had a liver transplant a year ago this Saturday.

Lilly starts school on Monday.  Middle school.  I can barely say those words.  Middle school.  How in the heck do I have a kid in middle school???  How is this possible??  I still act like I should be in middle school sometimes, much less taking care of a child who is old enough to be wearing deodorant and shaving her legs.  So I’ve been a little stressed and worried and a little bit full of anxiety lately, to say the least.  My girl Lilly is a little stressed and worried too.  She’s my worrier.  Remember this?  She has been sick for a week now and I think it’s due to stress.  So what do you do when she asks if we could have a little date Saturday night so she can talk about middle school?  You say yes.  You say I’m soooo sorry to your boss that you can’t make it to the get together.  You tell your friend who has made it through cancer and a liver transplant that you want to be there so bad to celebrate but you need to be with your daughter.  You tell your neighbors to have fun but you won’t be there.  I guess I’m probably disappointing a lot of people or maybe I won’t be missed at all.  But I am making one little girl very happy. I just don’t have that much time left with her before she leaves to live her own life and I need and want to give her all that I have now.

Wowwww so allllllll that to say I am selling a few things in order to take my girl on a little staycation!!  My husband has hotel points so we will be driving 15 minutes to stay in downtown Charlotte!!  We would go out of town but my son has a football scrimmage Saturday morning, plus all that driving could be spent doing something fun in our own little city!  I thought I would take her to the Mint Museum, Amelies Bakery, take an art or cooking class, and then dinner somewhere fun and different.  I am so excited!  Even though the hotel is free, I’m going to need some extra cash.  So I thought it would be smart to sell a few things in order to fund our little “get away before middle school” trip.

Here’s what’s up for grabs!!

DSC04409 sold

DSC_8075 sold

DSC_8063 3.  Two piece original artwork, 12 inches by 12 inches, $20.00 for both pick up only!

DSC_8060 Sold

DSC_8066 sold

DSC_8069 8.  Crazy cool basket that was going to be a hanging light, $10.00 pick up only!

DSC_8054 9.  sold

DSC_8072 sold

DSC_8080 11. Pretty flower dress size 2, $10.00, pick up or ship for additional $5.00

DSC_8057 sold!

DSC_8048 13. Fun and funky Dr. Scholls sandals size 8 $10.00 pick up or ship for additional $7.00

DSC_8052 14.  Vintage flower necklace, $7.00 pick up or ship for additional $3.00!

DSC_8045 sold

photo 16.  sold

DSC_8076 17.  Anthropologie iPad case, $10.00 pick up or ship for additional $3.00

If you are interested in any of the above items above, please send me an email up there in the contact page with your paypal address and number of item you would like.  If you are going to pick up you can pay cash or check when you come!

Andddddd the winner of the Button Bird Designs bag is……. Crystie Hicks!!!!!

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take what you need giveaway!!!


angela statzer I came home from work one afternoon to find this on my fridge.  I have no idea where my daughter came up with the idea but I love it.  Of course with it being the end of summer and my house looking like a frat house with all these kids running in and out, the first one I took was peace.

How fun would it be to put these up all over town?!?!  One day this week, before school starts, the kids and I are going to make one for the bulletin board at our local coffee shop.  We are gonna grab a coffee and a cake pop (because OH MY GOSHHHH they are so good) and watch to see if people will take one!  I will report back on my findings.

Which one would you take first!?!

Want to win this fun, back to school, reversible Button Bird Designs bag?!?


To enter to win this bag, just leave a COMMENT telling me which one you would take first!! Winner will be picked at random!  Giveaway ends wednesday (Aug 20) at 6:00 pm and the winner will be announced Thursday (Aug 21) morning!!!!
Happy Monday!!! xoxox Angela

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