Honduras. Tomorrow. OHMYGOSH


Lilly and I leave with our team from church tomorrow for Honduras.  Tomorrow.  Honduras.  I’m having a little bit of a hard time wrapping my head around it.  I’m scared, I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m scared.  I like being home.  I like showering twice a day.  I like going to bed early in my own bed with my own pillow.  I like being by myself.  What was I thinking signing up for this trip to another country with lots of people I barely know that I will be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with for seven days.  SEVEN DAYS.  Actually its 8 days and seven nights.  Oh my gosh now I’m totally freaking myself out.  AND I’m taking my 11 year old daughter, who might just be a little bit on the high maintenance side and eats NOTHING but peanut butter.  Oh sweet baby Jesus what was I thinking.

Each year my church, Lake Forest, holds a missions trip info meeting.  I have gone the past 6 years.  I usually sit in the back, don’t ask any questions, grab an application and run out the door before anyone can ask me which trip I’m interested in.  I would go home, study the application, leave it on my desk for a few weeks until finally I would surrender to the fact that there was no way I could make the trip.  The application would once again makes its way to the recycling bin.

Until this year.  This year I have turned into a sponge.  Wanting and craving new experiences.  Wanting to see new places.  Wanting to soak up every little new experience I can get my hands on.  Is this what happens when you turn 40!?!  I’ve traveled more in the past 5 months than I have in the past five years combined.  I have been to Dallas, Connecticut, NEW YORK CITY, Wisconsin, Isle of Palms SC, Tennessee, and Virginia.  And tomorrow Honduras.  This is a lot for a homebody introvert like me.

And I saw this…

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 8.00.02 AM

and this….

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 7.57.54 AM

If I wasn’t scared I would totally go on a mission trip with church.  If I was strong I would totally go.  If I could do something outside my box, outside my comfort zone I would totally go.  If I was brave I would totally go.  So I started praying.  and praying and praying and praying.  I’m a little braver and a little stronger than I realized.  I turned in that application.  I had a yard sale and sold a TON of stuff.  We raised $5.00 over the exact amount we needed for the trip.  Thank you so much to those of you that have donated and encouraged and prayed.  Thank you for helping Lilly and I make this trip.

angela statzer

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 7.57.27 AM

If you would like to follow the action while we are in Honduras, click here!

Please say a prayer for the beautiful children of Honduras.  Please say a prayer for our team as we travel to spend some time with them.

xoxoxo Angela and Lilly

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connecticut redesign!

Before our crazy fun trip to New York City (my now favorite place in the world) last month, the redesign company had some work to do….  in CONNECTICUT!!!!  Wow I had never been to Connecticut either and it was just as beautiful as I had imagined! Here are a few before and afters of the rooms we redesigned.  If you have a chance clink on the links below to read Christina’s beautiful words about the amazing family and see the whole transformation!

The master Bedroom.  See all befores and afters here!!



angela statzer





Angela Statzer


The office redesign!  See all befores and afters here!



Angela Statzer





angela statzer



Happy Monday!!!  xoxo Angela

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Thank you

button bird designs

Happy 4th of July!!!

Today is all about fireworks and hamburgers and cul-de-sac parties.  But this morning I was thinking about all the troops that are away from their families today.  And I was thinking about all the families here that are missing a loved one who is away serving our country.  Thank you to all the troops.  Thank you to all the families.  Thank you to my dad who served 20 years in the army and fought in Vietnam.  Thank you God that we live in a free country.  I never want to take that for granted.

Hope you have a safe beautiful weekend!     xoxoxo Angela

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