We like the house puzzle!

Work has been busyyyyy.  We’ve been doing two redesigns a week.  TWO A WEEK.  I’m having dreams of toss pillows and poufs and window treatments.  I think one of the reasons why we are so busy is because of course Christina is awesome at what she does but she’s also affordable and she doesn’t always want people to buy new. Before I started working with the redesign company, I always thought interior designers were snotty and expensive and would only suggest buying fancy new things. However, I have seen Christina talk people out of a new couch more times than I have seen her say “yes spend more money on more new stuff”.  The redesign company honestly wants you to love what you have.  Most of the time people have great stuff, things that means something to them, they just have a hard time making it all work together.   Putting a house together is like a puzzle.  We like the house puzzle!!

Sometimes we do buy new stuff.  When Christina said we were going to redesign a sewing room, I almost had a heart attack.  This momma needed a space to call her own, a place to retreat after the kids had been fed and put to bed.  A place to read and craft and sit and relax.  This is by far one of my favorites!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.57.00 AM




See all the before and after photos here!  (I am soooo getting that throw).

xoxoxo Angela

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noodles aren’t just for eating


button bird designs These dollar store noodles are sure coming in handy!!!

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Why I ignore school picture notices

I’ve never been one of those moms that gets all worked up about school pictures.  or beach pictures.  or any pictures for that matter.  I’ve never ran out and bought a special outfit for my kids to wear to school or made Lilly brush her hair on picture day.  If little Wes is wearing his favorite stained Tennessee Vols t-shirt again for the cameraman that is fine by me.  I have never made my family pose on the beach in all white because A.  they would laugh at me and B.  they never wear white and we don’t own any khaki.

When I look back on my photos years from now I want to remember Lilly’s beautiful tangled hair that she just doesn’t care about YET and little Wes’s BRIGHT NEON sports clothes that he loves.  I want to remember them exactly how they looked, mismatched clothes in all.

My beach photos from this year are some of my favorite photos.


button bird designs



Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 6.44.55 AM I framed the photos in the huge square Ikea frames and hung them in the hallway upstairs.  A grouping of these frames really makes an impact and is super cheap!!!!

xoxoxo  Angela

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